Sustainability is fundamental in Origin Biopack’s business strategy – it is at the core of everything we do. We commit to the transformation of the materials system in three areas where we have the biggest influence and possibilities: Circularity, climate change, biodiversity.

At Origin Biopack, we understand that recycling is not enough. The world needs products that are both renewable and recyclable – a circular bioeconomy.

Global consumption is rapidly increasing but at the same time, customer awareness of eco-friendly products and limited natural resources is rising and regulation on recyclability and sustainability is increasing. Organizations and companies are frequently wanting to displace fossil-based materials with renewable and recyclable products.

In a circular economy, waste is reduced as products are reused and recycled to maximize environmental and financial value. We believe that a circular economy is only truly possible when raw materials are also circular – materials that can be renewed over and over again.

Circular design

Circular design means designing for the whole product life cycle instead of just the product. It takes into account the materials used, manufacturing, product function, distribution, and potential to repair, reuse, remanufacture, or recycle instead of the material ending up in a bin. Being sustainable isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

There are a lot of questions that don’t have straight answers, making it tricky to determine what to do and what to avoid.

Origin Biopack’s Sustainable Processes

At Origin Biopack we aim to reduce energy use and the environmental impact of our plants and practices.

As a leading packaging manufacturer, we are able to leverage our immense experience and industrial know-how to explore possibilities and use environmentally friendly technologies and products to reduce the impact on the world – of our own and also that of our customers.

All our products are made from Water-Based Ink Technology, which doesn’t use any solvents this ensures chemical-free products, healthier working conditions, and considerably reduces the risk of fire.

We promote the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials. Non-renewable raw materials cannot be replenished within our lifetime – if ever.

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